BigBinary Academy is about learning how to code. To learn coding you need to actually code. You are not going to learn how to code JavaScript by watching a two-hour video on how to code in JavaScript. You have watched the video but haven't written any code.

That's why BigBinary Academy has lots of practice materials so that you get to code from the very beginning.

Why build BigBinary Academy

The Internet is filled with tutorials on how to learn React.js and JavaScript. Then why build BigBinary Academy.

The simple answer is that we were not happy to see what was out there. We wanted a course which is more "hands-on". A course where coding is part of the journey and not just reading or watching the video.

The goal

The goal of BigBinary Academy is to get you an entry-level job in a software company. We want to teach you enough so that you get a job. Once you have a job then you can learn whatever is needed to enhance your career.