BigBinary Academy Workshop

At BigBinary Academy, our goal is to get you a software engineering job. In order to get the job, you need lots of coding practice. BigBinary Academy is built such that as you are learning you are also writing code.

Anyone can start learning at BigBinary Academy. However learning all by yourself can be tedious and is not for everyone.

BigBinary Academy workshop brings a structured way of learning coding. When you join BBAW then you are put in a batch. A batch typically consists of around 25 learners. Each batch is assigned a mentor from BigBinary Academy. The mentor will outline which topics will be covered on which day. The mentor will assign daily tasks to you that you need to finish on a daily basis.

The mentor will assign a "standup" time for the batch. The "standup" usually lasts around 30 minutes. This standup is conducted using google meet or zoom and every one must attend these standups.

In a standup you need to present what you worked on that day. If you ran into any issues then you can discuss that. Active participation is a must. We want to prepare you for the real world interviews. By attending standups you will learn how to present the work you have done and how to ask questions about the issues you are having.

Frequently asked questions

What you will be learning

In the workshop, we teach React.js, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and DOM manipulation.

Our goal is to teach you React.js, so that you can get a job. If you are familiar with advanced JavaScript concepts, then you can directly join the React.js learning group. You will be given a JavaScript assessment test. Once you pass the test, then you can join the React.js learning group. If you fail, then that means you still need to improve your JavaScript skills.

I'm not in college. Can I join BigBinary Academy Workshop?

For folks who are not in college, we create a separate joint batch where learners from different backgrounds are clubbed together. So, yes! You can join BigBinary Academy Workshop even if you are not in college.

How do I enroll in BigBinary Academy workshop?

Please fill out this form if you want to enroll in BigBinary Academy Workshop.

BigBinary Academy materials are already available online. Do I have to join the Workshop?

No, you don't have to join workshop. If you have enough self-discipline to go through BigBinary Academy materials then you can learn coding on your own.